It’s Wash Day! But Elise doesn’t want to wash her hair. Will a visit from her favorite Auntie CC, encouragement from her big sister, Gisele, a poem laced with magic, and a special gift passed down from the women who came before her be enough to change her mind?

Sprinkled with #BlackGirlMagic and an ode to cultural beauty, From Cotton to Silk encourages girls everywhere to appreciate their hair in its natural state and love themselves just the way they are. Its enchanting pages reveal 467 hours of hand-stitching poured into textile renderings that blend cloth, culture, and the superpowers of the kinky, curly coif.

A new book by crystal c. mercer

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Yvonne, Curly Girl

Praise & Celebration


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A fiber business that merges farm-to-fashion, universally serves people that are interested in culture bearing and textile arts, to cultivate sustainability in agriculture, activism, and current and evolving Black culture