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My surname, Mercer, means “a merchant in textiles”. I have delightfully accepted this piece of my lineage as one of my many skillful trades. As the Lead Merchant and Designer for the Mercer Textile Mercantile, there is extreme thoughtfulness and pride in my work. That work includes textile renderings, quilts, dolls, jewelry, drapery, home décor, accessories, and garments for the male and female form. My design philosophy is fresh, creative, eclectic, cultural, and universal. Follow the odyssey on IG and on FB @mercertextilemercantile. 

New to the shop

"An Arrest Is Not Enough Enamel Pin

Speaking to the civil unrest, collective trauma, and a legal system that does not have an equilibrium of consequences when there is an assault on Black, Brown, and Queer bodies, this enamel pin calls for action. Inspired by a poem  the wearer of this enamel pin is making a statement for justice. 

long-lasting, all-natural

home décor

At Mercer Textile Mercantile our definition of home is a temple of protection and peace. We acknowledge the beauty of your sacred spaces and the need to have your home be a reflection of who you are. From drapery to cushions, soft furnishings to fine art,  we have done custom work that expresses culture, comfort, and creativity in the home setting. Especially in the time of COVID, our dwellings have become our offices, classrooms, and Zoom happy hours. Let textiles transform your house… Let us make your humble abode an oasis! For inquires on custom work, email us here.

thoughtfully crafted

Quilts & Drapery

Fabric changes the vibration of a room. Mercer Textile Mercantile uses that mantra to magnify the African-American tradition of quilting and the bravado of draping windows. Most of these items are completely stitched by hand or have some element of hand-stitched details. Quilts can mark an occasion or tell a family story, and drapes can lighten, brighten, or define a space with texture and color. Let us preserve your stories in the cloth! For inquiries on custom work, email us here.

natural, hand-made

Dolls & Jewelry

Dolls can welcome a new baby into the world or pay homage to a special person in our lives. Mercer Textile Mercantile hand stiches dolls using woven fabric and natural materials that embody the spirit of the person being honored. Our jewelry operates in a similar way, honoring the expressive style of the person who wears our pieces. Check our store often for updates to see if these unique items have been added, or for custom work, email us here.


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A fiber business that merges farm-to-fashion, universally serves people that are interested in culture bearing and textile arts, to cultivate sustainability in agriculture, activism, and current and evolving Black culture