About The Designer

Our Create(her), Crystal C. Mercer Watson, is a textile maven, stitching by hand thousands of hours a year and dedicating her craft to being a keeper of the culture through the cloth. She first learned how to thread a needle from her late father, legendary Civil Rights lawyer, Attorney Christopher C. Mercer, Jr. when she was 7 years old. Mercer worked in the costume shop during her undergraduate education and that work led to her studying fabric more closely in her graduate work, fusing fiber arts and activism. Her last name, Mercer, means “a merchant in textiles”. In every thread of her being, she is weaving a tapestry of her ancestors, draped in Afro-futurism. W

established 2012

Natural, Handcrafted Materials

Client Testimonials

So in love with my Custom Hand Made jacket !! She’s beautiful, comfy and very detailed she goes great with my dressy, casual or lounge wear! Thank you CC! 🧡🌻 Oh by the way she customized my curtains too!
Sha'Ray Morris
Tangible storytelling, that’s what Mercer Textile Mercantile incorporates in each intricate stitch of every unique design. Whether it’s kente cloth sourced from Ghana or a hand-stitching technique perfected over generations, Crystal C. Mercer’s artistry and talent shines as boldly as her fabrics. MTM artifacts envelop you in history, in creativity and you become a part of Mercer’s journey as you embark upon your own. ​
Carly Cate
MTM is a dynamic company that will positively impact your life through the products that are produced and available...It has mine!
Christian H. Davis

A fiber business that merges farm-to-fashion, universally serves people that are interested in culture bearing and textile arts, to cultivate sustainability in agriculture, activism, and current and evolving Black culture